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Aug. 19th, 2015


Claiming Open at Lucius/Harry Halloween Fest

Claiming for the 2015 Lucius/Harry Halloween Fest by hp_darkages opened two days ago. The due date is FIRST of October and reveals come for Halloween!

You can check the rules and guidelines here and the prompts over here. Don't forget that if you want to claim you need to fill out the template on the Claiming Post.

The 2015 Lucius/Harry Halloween Fest is for fic and artwork featuring the characters of Lucius Malfoy and Harry Potter. Any kind of fic is welcome, including gen and other non-romantic genres. The spirit of darkness that this community fosters is highly encouraged for this fest (especially since it's posting around Halloween!) but it is not mandatory. Any and all Lucius/Hary works are allowed. All ratings are allowed too, and length restrictions stand at 600 min word count.


Pimping the fest with these BANNERS.

Aug. 16th, 2015

HP Dark Ages Default


Last Day of Prompting!

Art by mercypaw.



Pimpg the fest with these BANNERS.

Aug. 3rd, 2015

HP Dark Ages Default


Prompting Open at Lucius/Harry Halloween Fest

Art by

Origin: hp_darkages
Link: Rules
Type of challenge: Open prompting fest
Description: The 2015 Lucius/Harry Halloween Fest is for fic and artwork featuring the characters of Lucius Malfoy and Harry Potter. We welcome any kind of fic, including gen and other non-romantic genres. The spirit of darkness that this community fosters is highly encouraged for this fest (especially since it's posting around Halloween!) but it is not mandatory. Any and all Lucius/Hary works are allowed.
Ratings restrictions: All ratings allowed
Length restrictions: 600 min word count
Prompting: 8/3 - 8/16
Claiming: 8/17
Due Date: 10/1
Posting in October
Reveals: 10/31

Prompting Post

Jun. 25th, 2015


updated masterlist and a blog dedicated to our favourite beloved enemies


I'm here to tell you about my give-back project for the fandom, a HP/LM blog called Kings of the Wheel. The connoisseurs among you will recognise the name as the title of a fanfic written by kennahijja. :) As I state in my introductory post (on my journal), my intention isn't to create a new community to change this one, but to offer fans a new archive for HP/LM works. So many sites and journals have gone since the "golden age" of this ship so I thought some fresh info won't be amiss. That's why I compiled an updated masterlist of fanfiction and I'm planning to compile another of all the art for this pairing. I will publish the masterlist on 3 July, then continue working on the blog and its contents. You can check it out here and maybe like its FB page. Thanks! Hope you like it.

Mar. 20th, 2012

Bellatrix Lestrange


Lucius/Harry Search

I've just finished Pet by LinW (Nesting Hedwig), and I really, really enjoyed it. I also liked Family Trees by her too, though Pet is more along the lines of what I like to read. Another similar fic I like is Behind the Looking Glass by Anne Phoenix.

Do you have any recs for fics where Harry is given to Lucius as a slave or pet, Lucius is his Master or Lucius has Harry captive?

I love angst and darkfic; the darker the better! Please, no fluff. I love a cruel and cold Lucius, too. I prefer longer fics, but I love these sort of fics so much that I'll read any length :)

(I will also read fics where this situation is reversed, as long as Harry is extremely dark.)

Thank you! ♥

Sep. 23rd, 2011

Converse: black


Pleasures of the Flesh

Title: Pleasures of the Flesh
Author: lokifan
Word count: ~4000
Characters/pairings: Lucius/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Summary: “Harry had been knocked unconscious a lot in the last seven years. This was the first time he’d ever woken lying on silk sheets, or with heavy cuffs cutting into his wrists, or naked. It was certainly the first time he’d woken with Lucius Malfoy’s hand on his thigh.”
Warnings: non-con, bondage
Disclaimer: The boys belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: So for your birthday, melusinahp, I thought I would write you something filthy. Something clichéd and depraved and involving a range of bodily fluids.

I am not that hardcore, but I tried. :)

Pleasures of the Flesh

Mar. 18th, 2011

Harry/Lucius, HP/Lm



Hi Fellow Members of beloved enemies,
I am helping to update the harrylu Masterlist of HP/LM fanfics, but I am missing quite a few. If can help me find them: on their computers, websites, etc. I will be really greatful.

I have provided the list of stories I no longer can access:

Deadly Temptation, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, 7 chapters - NOT COMPLETE)
Having fled from the wizarding world and all things magical, Harry ends up trapped as a prostitute on the street. It's dangerous, but never so much so as when he catches someone's eye...

Destination Unknown, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, 22 chapters, NOT COMPLETE - also includes Harry/Draco/Lucius)
Voldemort is dead... what's left for Harry? Nothing, as he finds out, or so he thinks. Things are not always as they seem. Character death and suicide mentioned, but are not 'permanent'!

Dream Lover, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, complete)
Moving out is hard to do, cliche, but true. When Harry finally leaves for Godric's Hollow, his choice of a companion will affect his life more than he could ever guess. *spoilers for HBP*

Duty and Duality, by dracos_doll (NC-17, non-con, complete)
Lucius is a traitor and Harry is betrayed.

Gift, The, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, 5 chapters, complete)
Lucius wants Harry, even though he is involved with someone else. Who I don't care. Heck maybe even Draco? How does Lucius get his man? Bonus points if Lucius gets pregnant.

Green Lights, by underlucius (R, complete)
The Great Gatsby - Malfoy style written for hp_classic

Heart Full Of Love, A, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, complete - chapter 4 of a mutlipart H/D series)

How Am I Doin'?, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, 13 chapters, complete)
Lucius catches Narcissa in bed with another woman and seeks revenge by sleeping with the first man he comes across, one Harry Potter. Title from Dierks Bentley's "How Am I Doin' (Since You Did What You Did to Me)?"

Mar. 12th, 2011

Harry/Lucius, HP/Lm


Looking for a Fic

I am looking for a story that I have read many times, but I can not for the life of me remember the title.


POST WAR - Luna,Neville, and someone else approach Lucius about Harry's living conditions and he goes and rescues Harry. Afterwards they all decide they do not to want to return to hogwarts and as a result attend a school in Salem. While there they achieve mastery in multiple studies and return to Britain ready to claim their familial seats on the board of governors.

Can anyone help?

Thanks <3

Dec. 10th, 2010

Harry/Lucius, HP/Lm


PSA Archive is back up!

Hey Everyone, 

I just wanted to let everyone know, that PSA formerly known as glassesreflect.com or PSA which houses many H/LM fanfics is once more up and running and under a new url address.  You can find the new address here:


I hope everyone will visit and have a look at the HP/LM fics they have to offer.

Sep. 25th, 2010

Harry/Lucius, HP/Lm


Looking for a Fic

 Hey Guys, 

I am sorry, but I am also looking for a fic I read a while ago that was HP/LM.

The only real part of the story I remember was that for some reason Harry and Lucius get together and Hermione can't accept it and so she tries to turn everyone against Harry, but the opposite actually happens.  Instead Harry turns the whole school against her and the teachers can't do anything about it because it can't be proven.  I don't remember how it ends.

If anyone can tell me the story I am looking for I would appreciate it :D



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