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Hi Fellow Members of beloved enemies,
I am helping to update the harrylu Masterlist of HP/LM fanfics, but I am missing quite a few. If can help me find them: on their computers, websites, etc. I will be really greatful.

I have provided the list of stories I no longer can access:

Deadly Temptation, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, 7 chapters - NOT COMPLETE)
Having fled from the wizarding world and all things magical, Harry ends up trapped as a prostitute on the street. It's dangerous, but never so much so as when he catches someone's eye...

Destination Unknown, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, 22 chapters, NOT COMPLETE - also includes Harry/Draco/Lucius)
Voldemort is dead... what's left for Harry? Nothing, as he finds out, or so he thinks. Things are not always as they seem. Character death and suicide mentioned, but are not 'permanent'!

Dream Lover, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, complete)
Moving out is hard to do, cliche, but true. When Harry finally leaves for Godric's Hollow, his choice of a companion will affect his life more than he could ever guess. *spoilers for HBP*

Duty and Duality, by dracos_doll (NC-17, non-con, complete)
Lucius is a traitor and Harry is betrayed.

Gift, The, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, 5 chapters, complete)
Lucius wants Harry, even though he is involved with someone else. Who I don't care. Heck maybe even Draco? How does Lucius get his man? Bonus points if Lucius gets pregnant.

Green Lights, by underlucius (R, complete)
The Great Gatsby - Malfoy style written for hp_classic

Heart Full Of Love, A, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, complete - chapter 4 of a mutlipart H/D series)

How Am I Doin'?, by knightmare_shad (NC-17, 13 chapters, complete)
Lucius catches Narcissa in bed with another woman and seeks revenge by sleeping with the first man he comes across, one Harry Potter. Title from Dierks Bentley's "How Am I Doin' (Since You Did What You Did to Me)?"
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