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Beloved Enemies


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beloved_enemies was created as a replacement for the Beloved Enemies Harry/Lucius yahoogroup, which was unfortunately deleted by Yahoo in February 2007.

We only have a few simple rules. Please read them before joining the community:


  • beloved_enemies hosts adult material. Please do not join/friend the community unless you are over the age of 18.

  • All material (fiction, art, discussion) posted to the community must contain Harry/Lucius in some way. Threesomes are welcome. Real people fiction is not. Fic searches are only allowed if you're searching for a Harry/Lucius story.

  • Please post all adult-rated material, and fiction posts over 200 words below an lj-cut.

  • When posting fiction or art, please include a header that contains the rating and appropriate warnings (such as non-con, bloodplay, etc).

  • Discussion is welcome. Flames are not.

All authors are invited to upload their work to the ETC Archive.

Bring on the Harry/Lucius and have fun!