Fairy (scarletladyy) wrote in beloved_enemies,

Lucius/Harry Search

I've just finished Pet by LinW (Nesting Hedwig), and I really, really enjoyed it. I also liked Family Trees by her too, though Pet is more along the lines of what I like to read. Another similar fic I like is Behind the Looking Glass by Anne Phoenix.

Do you have any recs for fics where Harry is given to Lucius as a slave or pet, Lucius is his Master or Lucius has Harry captive?

I love angst and darkfic; the darker the better! Please, no fluff. I love a cruel and cold Lucius, too. I prefer longer fics, but I love these sort of fics so much that I'll read any length :)

(I will also read fics where this situation is reversed, as long as Harry is extremely dark.)

Thank you! ♥
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